Starting January 1, 2019 

Social Media Challenge

About Why I Believe

WHY I BELIEVE is a social media challenge that create opportunity for persons to use online content to share their testimony. It will be done in series (1-month periods), where persons will create a personal video, blog, meme etc. on the topic provided.


Share your faith online

We invite persons to use their creativity and talent to spread the everlasting gospel through their testimonies. Use a blog, a video, a meme or podcast to share your faith/belief in the current topic/hashtag. These are only a few of the suggested online content that you can use to share your testimony.


Use your favorite video capturing tool (smartphone, tablet, DSLR) to record yourself and compile a creative video of your testimony. Free and Paid video editing tools are available. Check our resources section to find suggestions.


If video editing is not your style, you can use MEMES to get your message across. Folks have been using MEMES merely for creating a laugh or entertainment. Let’s use it to help spread the gospel.


If writing is your talent, then use it to express yourself on the given topic/hastag. You can talk to us about how to get your blogs published online.


You can go audio as well. Record your testimony and share it online using any of the popular podcast hosting sites.