Get Involved

7 Easy Steps to Get Involved

Step 1: Select your team

The #WhyIBelieve challenge is not only meant to stimulate creativity, but team work. Some of the best content can be created when multiple persons put hands and heart together to come up with ideas. Teams can be organized as a church, youth group or simply group of friends.

Step 2: Research your Topic

Before thinking about technology or methods, it is important that you research the topic. We attempt to provide some resources under each topic, but it will surely not be enough. Take time to research the topic, get feedback from friends and family, consult with your Pastor and pray about what you are going to present.

Step 3: Decide on your Content

Based on the topic, talent and resources available, the next step is to decide what type of content you are going to create. Whether a video, a blog, a meme or podcast.

Step 4: Select your tools

Decide on the tool(s) that you will use to create your content. We have many suggestions in the Resource page. For example, if it is a video you are going to create, you want to decide on your editing tool.

Step 5: Draw a Plan

This is one of the most critical steps—planning. You want to outline, as far as possible a plan for your content. For example, if it is a video, you will need to write a script.

Step 6: Create your Content

Use your plan as the guide to create your content. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Feel free to consult with the professionals on ideas that you have.

Step 7: Post on Social Media

Once you are satisfied with the content that you have created, you are ready to post. Make sure to include the current hashtag in your post so that it can be easily discovered. Feel free to share on the major platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Invite your team members to share the content also with as many of their friends as possible.